Watching television after a heavy day hanging on the couch with a piece of chocolate on my tongue or having pizza and a glass of cold beer while watching a (brilliant) movie on dvd... those are the moments I love my television very much.
I couldn't do without it.
But the television itself has always been a source of annoyance. A big, black, ugly thing on a very prominent place in the living room.

When I cleaned up my wardrobe and everything's in it I ran through my pillow covers and there it was. The idea of hiding the television behind the color of the walls. Still ugly though. But hey, creative mind, here we are.

To answer the first question that came into my friend's mind: Yes, she reads good news.
In my world there are only good news.



Not yet Spring but is on its way. The air is filled with light. Light we all dreamt of in wintertime.
The sun's coming.



Things. Yes. But I love having beautiful things around. They tell who I am. At least to people who don't know me very well.
Fine design, a good illustration or just some well combined colors make my heart beat faster.

Patterns from Tas-Ka. Cushion(s) made by myself.



The sun's becoming warmer and warmer, the first beautiful days of spring have just been. The Dutch are calling the first day of spring with rising temperatures when women can wear the skirt
Rokjesdag ].

A skirt with bare legs underneath, without a legging or other warm clothes. Still... I do.

Springtime! It really has begun.



Different projects made me stay away from writing on my blog, drawing and caring for my vegetable garden. But...

Happy Easter to you all!

Enjoy the Sunday beginning with a big breakfast, looking for easter eggs, staying with friends and family or reading before all that the Saturday newspaper. Whatever you do, have a nice day!