New year's Eve in Berlin was always kind of a dream for me.

Last year it came true. I never tried my Yashica T5, so that was the opportunity. With my best friend and my favorite film Kodak T-Max I strolled through a Berlin which is really made for black and white film.

Empty streets and crossings on New year's Day and always a café with coffee and German pie aright round the corner.

More photos? Have a look on my flickr.

And still enjoying.



When I read the beautiful stories of André Gide, I dream away. The language, the use of words, the pure intention of all his sentences. I just... love him.

The I read the new book of Michel Houellebecq. And whatever you might think about the plot, provocation or not, there is more: François, his protagonist, is reflecting about literature and the relation between author and reader. Only literature allows us to connect with the spirit of a dead on a direct, extensive and deep way as more as it would possible in a talk to even a friend, although the friendship is deep and steady. The author exposes himself to a plain sheet of paper that addresses to someone completely unknown.

That made me think about what happens to me while reading. I lean on the authors words and their  meaning. And according to François the other way around.

So yes, that's how I feel.

I couldn't trace the photographer. If so I would have asked for using this picture. 



Hanging in the tree, swinging in the wind, filling with water. Being poetic. The orange between the colorless air and leafless trees. The only bright spot these days.



Follow the paved road, predictable occurrence or the new unknown roads with unexpected events and an unforseeable future?

Which way to go? Which road to take? Which way of life?



Full moon. Sleepless night for some people. Or just staying awake to enjoy the beautiful light.

No doubt the moon is magic.